Intensive Support team members are kind, compassionate and have genuine empathy for people who they support. Most of the team have experience of Mental Health challenges themselves.

When it comes to being an Intensive Support team member, It’s all about the positive vibes. One of the key roles of a team member is to build up a person’s confidence and self-esteem. With encouragement and motivation, team members help people to try things that they may not have done before. Providing people with this sense of confidence makes people more likely to participate in community and social activities, which can be of great benefit.

Team members work very closely with people and are involved in every aspect of their lives. They may have to deal with confidential information relating to a participant including their personal finances. Being trustworthy is key in building solid and long-lasting relationships where people can rely on them and know they have their best interests at heart.

Team members have good communication skills to be able to understand and communicate with people so that they always feel in control. Through effective communication Team members help alleviate any stress, confusion, or frustration a person may feel in certain situations. Team members can also act as a voice on behalf of the person when communicating with others.

We know that no two days are the same. People’s needs and wants change regularly and so being able to adapt to that is important. Team members expect the unexpected and handle any obstacles or challenges by calmly and effectively working with the person for a positive outcome. Team members remain calm under pressure and, consequently, provide reassurance to people that everything will be ok.

If you would like the Intensive Support team to support you?

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