Do you need a lift to an appointment or outing? Catching public transport can be problematic and unreliable!
Do you need support at an appointment or outing? Sometimes it helps if someone goes with you to an appointment
The IS team can take you to an appointment and support you while you are at your appointment
We can also,
• Help you get your shopping
• Drive you to see your family or friends
• Just go for a nice drive


Are you in crisis, do you have a current mental health complication and challenge?
You might require immediate assistance to help manage your situation.
The IS team have experience managing mental health complications and challenges.
With dignity and respect, we can,
• Help you manage your complication and challenge the way that you want it to be managed
• Support you through the crisis and engage with third parties if required
• Assist with crisis planning


Do you like spending time with people It is fun spending time with people who care about you!
The IS team are good companions who are interested in you and want to get to know you. We want to spend time with you to develop relationships built on trust and friendship. If you like, we can just hang out and spend time together.
We can,
• Spend time with you at home or in the community
• Go for a drive together
• Be someone to have a chat with


Do you like cooking?
Not everyone does and not everyone knows how, and sometimes it is a chore.
Having someone to help with preparing a meal and cooking can be a good thing.
The IS team can help you with recipes, meal preparation and cooking techniques. We could even make a cake or some brownies – Yum.
We can,
• Assist you to find the things you like to cook
• Help with healthy options
• Go shopping for what you need


Do you like going to the movies or shows?
Going to movies, exhibitions, sports events and other activities can be so much fun!
The IS team love going to events and would enjoy accompanying you. We could go to a play, a music recital or an NRL game.
We can,
• Get the tickets
• Provide the transport
• Help you feel supported


Do you like going to the café for coffee or lunch?
It is nice to get together for a cuppa.
The IS team can take you out to the café or park and enjoy a tasty coffee or bite to eat. We could even go to a fancy restaurant?
We can,
• Meet up for a regular coffee
• Grab lunch together
• Enjoy an ice cream together


Do you need help dealing with a problem that involves someone else?
Sometimes dealing with other people can be difficult
The IS team are good at communicating with people and standing up for people.
We can,
• Contact and meet people with you and/or on your behalf
• Discuss and progress your cause
• Support and defend you


Do you like doing exercise?
Exercise can be tough if you are doing it alone!
The IS team can train with you. If it is a walk in the park, a gym or yoga session we can go with you and enjoy the experience. We could even go to a dance class?
We can,
• Go for a walk together in the park or the beach
• Do a gentle yoga class with you
• Go to the gym with you


Do you like outdoor activities?
Being outside in the fresh air is healthy and can be fun!
The IS team can participate in outdoor activities with you including bike riding, fishing or bushwalking. We could even go on a hike?
We can,
• Arrange the gear and equipment
• Provide the transport
• Ensure you feel safe


Do you have any problems or issues that are lingering?
We know that can be so frustrating and can be distressing.
The IS team are good problem solvers and can help you work out the problems and deal with the issues.
We can,
• Help you work out what is actually wrong
• Break down the problem into manageable parts
• Provide simple strategies to actively address the problem


Do you need help around the house?
Keeping up with the domestics and housekeeping can be a task!
The IS team can help with the odd jobs that need to be done, budgeting and paying the bills, or anything else. We can help with shopping and groceries. You might like us to help you with using technology as well?
We can,
• Help you with your paperwork
• Organise your things
• Support you at the supermarket


Are you looking for work?
Having work can help with confidence and foster dignity!
The IS team can help you with your CV and job applications. We can help you prepare for interviews and take you to your interview on the day. You might like us to wait outside the interview to relieve some of the stress?
We can,
• support you with the job-hunting process
• help you prepare your CV
• assist you to prepare job applications and for interviews